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Josie       josie_60@yahoo.com 7-28-2002 3:14 PM
I started my low carb diet October 1, 2001. My start weight was 236 pounds. I now weigh in at 140. I was wearing size 22/24 pants and dresses. Now I am wearing size 6/8 clothes. If I can do it, anyone can. If you need someone to talk with, feel free to email me. I have about 15 pounds to reach my goal weight. Good luck to everyone out there trying to lose weight!
Pam       Frodo2001@ivillage.com 8-8-2002 05:39 AM
I weigh 220lbs and I would love some advice about low-carb. I'm a novice at low-carb and I would like to know what steps did you take to go from 236 to 140. My first goal is to get down to 130lbs but I can't even get down to 200lbs. What made the difference for you?
cathy       catmar9@aol.com 9-15-2002 04:01 AM
hi! I've been on atkins' for two months now. this is my second try at it. I did lose weight the first time, but I had a hard time with all the naysayers who told me horror stories of people who had terrible things happen to them while doing low carb diets (i.e. hair loss, bone disease, even death). so I went off and tried the so called "healthy" low fat, low calorie diet that doctors love. Lo and behold, I had great difficulty staying on it and eventually gained back my losses, with extra pounds on top! This second time I have decided to think for myself. On the Atkins' diet I don't feel hungry and I really feel better. I have been on it for two months and have lost 23 lbs. I lost 4 lbs. the first week and 2 the next and I thought "hey, this is great!" But then, even though my ketostix said I was in ketosis, I didn't lose anything more for almost TWO weeks. Needless to say , I was about to throw in the towel. But all of a sudden, I started to lose again and at a very steady rate. So my advice to anyone who is having a temporary weight 'plateau' is to just stick to it. The science is undisputable and the weight loss WILL come. I weighed 225 lbs. and now weigh 202 lbs. I am one quarter of the way there.
Debbie       drshine@charter.net 6-19-2003 5:46 PM
Cathy, congrates on your choice to start again. I too have started Atkins for the second time. The first time I had great results lost 45 lbs and 5 pant sizes in three months. 22 to 14 then stayed on a total of 8 months was in a size 10 and felt great.I kept it off for a year then started to go back to old eating habits because of comments made by Adkin's naysayers I was really stupid I should have know from my experiance. They where wrong. Here I am 5 years later and started back from 20 on the edge of 22(Size)
back on the Adkins Life Style. This time for life!!! I've been back for 5 weeks lost 26 lbs /16-1/2" And back in a 16 pants. I'm on my way. good luck to all of you out there. The Life Style is great
Jennifer       jenmo91@hotmail.com 12-26-2004 4:54 PM
Way to go folks! I'm proud of the success stories that I've been able to read on this site! I am beginning a low-carb diet myself. My husband and I have resolved that this is the year to make life changes and we are very motivated this time. We have never tried low-carb eating and I'm sure it will present challenges, but I'm psyching myself (and him) up for the long haul. I would love to hear more success stories and get recipes. Any special tips that worked for you i.e...not eating after a certain time, how much you exercised, etc. My goal is to lose 70 lbs. by May 29, but my more realistic goal is 50 lb. loss by that time. I have two goals so I won't give up if I reach my first... lol! I'm at 282 right now and am feeling every bit of it. Thanks for the help and encouragement!
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