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kimmie       gkwaega@aol.com 1-13-2003 1:25 PM
This is my first time doing the Atkins diet. I stuck to it religiously for 22 days and lost not 1 lb. I tinkled on a stick every day and it read that i was in ketosis. I stayed within 16 - 20 carbs a day. What am I doing wrong. I even went to the doctor to have my thyroid checked. She said everything was normal, only my blood pressure up to 148/110. wow! she said to stick with it, maybe after 4 weeks I'd lose
karen       krittersklw@yahoo.com 2-6-2003 10:16 PM
I am very resistant to carbs. I can only have 5-7 per day to lose weight. My husband can have 25+ and still lose, I know its not fair, but you may have to drop the carbs down to the 5-7 level and see if that works.I have been on Atkins from 1 month and have lost 29 pounds, but if I go over my limit I am grouchy, and tired for the next 2-3 days. Good Luck.
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