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ANN       horseczy@progressivetel.com 6-18-2003 07:12 AM
first i started the program and didn't read the book but got my information from the t.v. and friends, that have been praising this diet... i am a 52 year old woman and i weigh 185 lbs, being only 4'11" i am very overweight, and very out of shape, with basically low to no activity.. started the adkins program two months ago, i have lost 8 lbs. but i fell like there is something else that i can do to get jumpstarted, or to start over and do it differentlly..am i still eating to many carbs... is there a chart that i could go by, for the amount of carbs that i should start off with? please help......
oh yea! on the foods do you just count the carbs from sugar or the total carbs.. like on the adkins bars they don't count the total carbs just the carbs from sugar.....
thanks ann
Dionne Ellis       ellisdm@comcast.net 6-19-2003 5:17 PM
You really need to get the book. Try the library, or if you have a Vitamin Shoppe near you, they "lend" out books. The newest version really explains so much more.
In a nutshell, for the Induction phase (which you should do for at least 2 weeks, but can continue for up to 6 mos if you want to), you want to eat no more than 20 grams of carbs, mostly from fibrous veggies (like salad veggies, etc). Yes, with the bars you have to subtract the fiber grams of carbs from the total carb grams to get the amount of carbs that will have an effect on your blood sugar (this is explained in the book as well as the website).
Check out the website (I believe that Nina and Ruth have a link to the site). It has a section on how to start. Also, please try to do some form of exercise (just walk 10-20 mins, and work up from there), it does help to keep your metabolism up so you can burn more fat.
Good luck. I am in the second week of Induction and I feel great. I've only lost 5 lbs. so far, but lots of inches, and my clothes that were tight on me are loose now.
Keep on working on cleaning up the diet, and really, check out the Atkins website.
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