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Marie       marieblissett@aol.com 3-29-2003 09:41 AM
I have been on the intriduction now for 8 weeks. And i have lost 30 pounds. I'm starting to lode real slow now any suggestions. thanks.
Karen       krittersklw@yahoo.com 3-30-2003 08:06 AM
I have been on Atkins since Jan.6 and have lost 60 pounds. When I really start to slow down, or when I even stopped losing, I ate a few more carbs, than my limit and started back up the next day or two-it seemed like it "kick" started me again. Keep up the good work-30 pounds is great, I still have 123 pounds to go-to reach my goal unless it changes!
Darlene       maysdarlene@hotmail.com 4-10-2003 05:27 AM
I am just getting started with a 17lb. loss but I have 123lbs. to go so I will need allot of help and support.
The Atkins book says to get off any anti-depressants but I am afraid to because my husband has post-traumatic-stress and I need them to help me cope, will this keep me from losing. I need to take this weight off.
marie       marieblissett@aol.com 4-10-2003 6:13 PM
you can call the 1-800 number for the atkins and ask them what you should do. I talked to them at first and they really helped me. But whatever you do don't give up. we will give you alot of support. i know how it is i've got to lose about 100 pounds. and then i'll be happy. good luck.
anne marie       fancyface2004@yahoo.com 6-28-2004 1:01 PM
I've been on the atkins diet now for three months and I have lost 38lbs, I found that for a couple of weeks my weight was at a standstill. I increased my protein and I weighed myself a week later and i had five more pounds gone. I have another 10 to 15 pounds to go. hang in there and you "will" acheive your goal. ( this is coming from a person who swore by a fat free diet until the Atkins way changed my life).
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