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jenny       vrh273@aol.com 1-16-2004 8:14 PM
Hubby has lost 12 lbs in one week, I have lost 0. Has anyone on Lexipro and hormones had success with this diet?
m       mkamins@aol.com 10-19-2004 00:43 AM
just wondering if you heard any answer to your question. i am on lexipro and eating like a cow. did it make you eat more?
what has been your experience. it is helping with depression, but now that i am gaining a few pounds it sucks and is making me more depressed!
LJ       ljherman@tcusd.net 7-19-2005 11:55 AM
I'm on lexipro but not hormones - I haven't really noticed an impact on my appetite.
Barbara       lazylady@ictc.com 7-31-2005 11:15 AM
Yes, I'm pretty sure having to take anti-depressants has an effect on dieting in general. I originally lost 30 lbs on the Atkins, but am now having to take Prozac and I've noticed my appetite has increased tremendously. I'm trying now to get back on the low-carb regime, but it's a struggle. The best I can say at this time is that I'm not gaining any weight.
tina       wavyblonde@hotmail.com 3-4-2006 08:28 AM
I too am on lexapro, and originally gained alot of weight on it. My doctor recently added another medication to counter that, and also increase my dosage of lexapro to 20 mg. I am now back on lo carb and not hungry at all. Lexapro can sometimes trigger manic episodes when taken by itself. I was originally prescribed the medication by my primary physician. It was not until I saw a psychiatrist for a complete and accurate diagnosis of my medication that things were better. Alot of doctors are randomly prescribing antidepressants, and are not necessarily fully trained in the correct dosage or side effects. There is an intersting article in this months Oprah magazine about it. I read alot, so I think the more informed and knowledgeable we are about our medical issues, the better. And of course the right physician is key. Good luck with your dieting.
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