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dewy       mugado@aol.com 5-7-2003 12:01 PM
Ive been a gum cherer ever since I can remember! I started this Adkins program about 8 mos. ago. When I started I stopped chewing gum for the induction, it was hard, but I succeded. I chew Orbit gum it has only 1 carb per slice and I chew 2 slices a day. I'm concerned about the affect this gum will have on the program. I slacked off for a while ( with Adkins) gained some weight back and I am ready to start the induction phase again, the only thing is I don't want to give up my gum habbit! Does anyone know if it would be all right to continue my ways. (of chewing??) Oh! I have lost 65-lbs I started at 330-lbs. and feel great I put 15 back on and feel lousy for my failure slight failure I've convinced myself that this program really is a new and better way of healthy living . I hope someone can help me with my minor habbit? I just need to know if the little bit of sugar alcahol is not going to let me get back to keytosis??
Debbie       drshine@charter.net 6-19-2003 6:04 PM
Hey Dewy,
I'm not sure about the gum thing. I say try it and find out. I'm sure 2 slices a day can't be all bad its better than what your old habit was isn't it. If it doesn't work you know what you have to do. Just try it I would. And good luck with on going weight loss.
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