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Mary T.       runmt31@yahoo.com 12-11-2007 1:27 PM
I've been eating low carb for about 3 wks now- for blood sugar reasons. I didn't start out with the induction phase, really not counting to much carbs, but I probably eat about 50 carbs a day. I totally have cut out bread, pasta, and granola bars, etc... I have lowered my carb count tremendously. Will I still be able to lose weight? any help/suggestions??
Melody G       robyco2@yahoo.com 3-31-2009 4:00 PM
Hi Mary,
I am also a "low carb loser," and saw your dieting story on LoCarbDiner.com. By now you have probably found that the only good pasta is Dreamfield. Go to dreamfield.com to purchase. Walmart use to carry their products, but like a lot of low carb items, Walmart no longer carries Dreamfield. HP Hood puts out a wonder milk beverage, which tastes exactly like milk and comes in white and chocolate. But the best part is, since it is a milk beverage, it does not spoil in 5-7 days like real milk. More low carb at Netrition.com.
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