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karin       karinclown@triad.rr.com 11-12-2002 07:08 AM
hello all fellow dieters ! just wanted to say that i tried the carb blockers ordered on line for two weeks. it is my opinion that they do not work as i'd hoped they would... they do work, but on a small level - i could drink 3 low crb beers and eat a few crackers without damaging my diet, but if i ate or drank "too much", my keto sticks were no longer purple and i had to work that much harder to get back to "burning". my conclusion is that i can't take "shortcuts" and the only way to lose the weight is to totally commit to the plan. taking apple cider vinegar pills and acidopholus as a toxic cleanse along with my vitamins does seem to help with the cravings , and chromiun picolinate does give me an energy boost. i have started completely over after the trial period with the carb blockers and am back on track. wishing good luck to everyone !
Debbie       drshine@charter.net 6-19-2003 5:54 PM
Most of those pills just make someone rich. They don't work. what works is the Atkins Life Style and lots of execise. Hang in there girl you can do it.
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