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Niki       nikidon1110@msn.com 11-15-2004 10:39 PM
I started dieting back in May 2004. I didn't immediately begin with the actual Atkins diet but I created my own according to what and how i eat and worked the Atkins in.I ate fruit but most of the other starches were cut out completely for a while.When i began I weighed 220lbs. and by July I was 160lbs and still losing. By the begining of Aug2004 I was 135lbs since i was at my goal weight I layed off the diet for a while since then i've gained a few pounds and am now at 141lbs I would like to be at least 130 but I can't seem to lose anymore.I am 5'5 and it isn't a big issue now because I like my size but i would like to tone up so i am now exercising. This is something I should have started when I begab to diet.
kumba       kumskei02@yahoo.com 11-28-2004 5:16 PM
Hey niki, congratulations to you, and your weight lost. am on the same boat with you, but am i guess you left me behind. What are you doing to mentain the weight lost. Please email at kumskei02@yahoo.com
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