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Linda       jla7998@earthlink.net 9-29-2002 1:34 PM
Do we still need to "Mega dose Vitamins" on the Low Carb or Dr. Atkins diet? Its been 15 years since I lived on the Dr. Atkins diet. Wow! I remember the energy I had and I lost all the weight I wanted. Well, thats been a long time ago. I slipped away from knowing how to eat. I put all the weight, PLUS, back on. I found this web site today and am excited about getting back to eatting with NO or little Carbs. But I'm not sure anymore what to do about the Vitamins? Can anyone advise me?
karin       karinclown@triad.rr.com 10-8-2002 11:51 AM
yes you must have vitamins ! on this diet you need potassium,and you need an equal amount of magnesium to balance - for skin elasticity and potassium for your muscles - otherwise within a week you be in pain ! also, a multi vitamin and c, and calcium... I am taking acidophilus, which is a yeast cleanse- all those carbs for years causes a build -up. this also aids in cutting down the cravings. Good luck !
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