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Tami       thegiggler4@hotmail.com 9-4-2003 3:23 PM
First time here! I just ran across this site while on another one and have been reading all the posts, getting ideas, enjoying the success stories etc. I've been on Atkin's for 4 months now and have lost 41 pounds so far. Many to go, but hanging in there! The weight loss has really slowed down lately (about 2 pounds a week) and from what I've been reading about the bars, I'm wondering if that's the problem! I've been eating Atkin's Advantage Bars for breakfast because I'm so tired of eggs and I'm usually not hungry in the morning but know I need to eat something. Now I'm not so sure if I should be doing the bars from all the negative responses about them! Guess I'll go off them for a few weeks and see what my weight loss is. I'll let you know! lol
barbara       barbjtapmail@aol.com 10-11-2003 08:41 AM
hi everyone! i just found this site also,i've been reading everyone's stories and want to share my success story!.......last spring my blood pressure was 160/100 and but my cholesterol was fine.my boss, a doctor,had lost alot of weight on atkins and said he would support me encourage me ect.that really helped.almost everyone in the office is doing it now.i have lost #20 pounds,and i am at goal! i started the last week of may and reached goal the last week of august.i averaged about #2 a week..i'm down 6 sizes....my blood pressure is gone down 120/84........my cholesterol is still good...but my triglycerides went from 206 down to 75 my doctors thinks it's because (i stopped eating all those low fat products) that are very high carb..baked lays potatoe chips are higher in carbs than regular chips(read the labels).....all those wonderful low carb snacks contain sugar alchohol......your body will burn this first thus slowing down your weight loss remember your body will not go into lypolisis (fat burning)until is uses up the other fuels alchol first carbs second...fat last!i check my fat burning with ketosticks..it helps me keep myself on track.......and i need to drink more water...
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