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Tonigeneva       Willipett2003@yaoo.com 10-7-2004 5:57 PM
Good Day,
I am 50, Fat Constipated, A Junk-Food Addict, eating white products everyday, not a very good cook, eating due to loneliness, depressed at weighing 226 pounds and I'm only 5'5, HBP, High Chl., and I am just sick of the way I am doing my body and my soul inside because of the neglect of my body outside. I just left my doctor's office with some very good advice and now I am here. I would gladly love any and all advice that all of you that understand to get me started. I shun away from 'Fad' Diets and I want to start with better eating habits and to loose weight slowly and in a healthy manner. Also, any advice on adding much needed fiber in my diet everyday. My skin is not good, my hair is unhealthy and I suffer with chronic bad breath, according to my doctor; with my lifestyle. I am so excited to be here and please, please email me with suggestions, thoughts, and encouragement. My goal weight is 157 lbs., and to lower my HBP and High Chl., thanks so much......best
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