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Debbi       califdreamin01@earthlink.net 3-22-2003 9:24 PM
Hi. I started induction 6 days ago and am doing OK so far. Lost 4 lbs since starting.
I have been on cholesterol meds for about 4 months to keep my cholesterol down. Has anyone had any experience with elevated cholesterol from doing Adkins diet? I'm a little nervous about eating all this meat and cheese and my cholesterol level. Although I definitely know I need to cut loose on the carbs, eating all this protein worries me.
Also, I have heard that one should only stay on Adkins for 2 weeks at a time. Is this true? Does anyone know anything about this?
Marlena       CprAnder@aol.com 3-26-2003 6:37 PM
Try searching your computer for Adkins. They have a website. This is a diet you can stay on for life. However you only stay on induction for 2 weeks. Then you slowly increase your carbs. Check out the website. I have read research on low carb diets. New reports states that it will lower your cholesterol. However because this is new more research needs to be done to see if it holds true. New research has been found concerning low carb-high protein diets. Some people are having kidney problems. However these people already had existing problems and the diet made them worst. This again is a new study and will have to be repeated. Hope this helps you.

Have a great day
Barb       barbc4185@earthlink.net 9-1-2003 07:55 AM
I have been doing Atkins for 4 months now. Started out at 130 lbs, which for my frame (4'11") was way too much. Always had been a skinny kid who could eat anything until birth of son when I was 35 yrs old. Then the lbs. started to creep on. When he graduated I knew I didn't want that round face on the pictures. I walked a mile every day and worked up to 2 miles right away. I suggest you get the Atkins book, and read it all. It's important to drink the 8 glasses of water a day to flush out your kidneys. And it is not recommended for people with kidney disease. Anyway, first month I lost 10#. Now I'm down 20#. I'm taking it slow. Now running around 2 miles a day and lifting weights for my arms. Next goal, to get rid of the pouch that rides on my tummy.

It really does work if you keep up with it. Berries became my desserts and I don't miss the bread and potatoes at all. I make omelets with baby spinach and mushrooms for breakfast. But I'm into maintenance now.

Good Luck!
SugarFreeSheila       sheila@sugarfreesheila.com 8-14-2004 9:40 PM
I had my a full lipid profile taken after 3 years of Atkins. It revealed that my LDL, HDL, & triglycerides are each 60.

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