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LoCarb Resolutions for the New Year
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Bullet 2 Other Sweet Treats 
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By Nina Nethery

Have you decided to get serious about improving your health and sense of well-being this year?Finally, it痴 pretty much accepted that a low carbohydrate diet is your best choice for healthy living. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to control your appetite, to alleviate some of your health problems, or just to feel more alive, a decision to stick with low carb will be your best tool.

Let me share with you my own New Year痴 resolutions for Low Carb Success.

1. I will not eat the croutons in my salad. Better yet, I値l try to avoid having them there in the first place!

2. I知 not going to drink any more diet sodas with aspartame.

3. I知 going to switch to decaffeinated coffee after my first cup of coffee each day.

4. I知 going to cut back on processed meats and try to eat more organic ones.

5. In restaurants, I値l ask the waitperson to take the bread away (but leave the butter.)

6. I知 not going to skip meals.

7. I will keep some ready-to-drink protein shakes in the refrigerator, ready to grab and go.

8. I will always have protein bars and Sucralose packets with me in my car and briefcase.

9. I知 going to cut back on the sugar-free candy because it seems to be stalling my diet.

10. I知 going to avoid restaurants that serve rice because I can稚 keep myself from eating it. (Mexican, Asian, and Indian)

11. I will pay more attention to portion size when I am counting carbs.

12. I知 going to make fresh low carb bread in my bread machine.

13. I知 going to learn how to cook squash!

14. I知 going to limit my fruits to occasional berries and melons.

15. I知 going to try some of the low carb recipes in the books I got for Christmas.

16. I will drink more water.

17. I will park farther away and walk briskly across the parking lots.

18. I値l take the steps instead of the elevator in my office building.

19. I will take my vitamins every day.

20. If I indulge in something with too many carbs, I will take a 田arb blocker right away.

21. If my weight starts to creep up, I will go back on 妬nduction for at least two weeks.

22. I will give away my clothes when they are too big for me.

23. I will treat myself occasionally to spa treatments, weekends away, or new clothes.

24. To help reduce my stress level when driving, I will listen to books-on-tape or CD.

25. I will attend my local Low Carb Support Group meetings once a month.

Many folks will also add more exercise to their routine in 2004 which, of course, is an excellent idea! Plus, cooking and eating at home instead of restaurants, and packing your lunches are fantastic goals for those who can find the time. Best wishes to each of you for a year of improved health and energy, and feeling great about yourself!