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Teresa       4tyersrus@cox.net 5-5-2005 9:27 PM
Is this for someone who has been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia???
spiritglow       martinez@objects.net 5-19-2008 08:36 AM
Low carb is the BEST way to address reactive hypoglycemia.

My family history is loaded with diabetics. I inherited reactive hypoglycemia. I have been tested by a doctor who specializes in diabetics. His test: eatting extreme high carb deit for two days; drinking a (awful) high-sugar drink, and then testing my blood sugar every 20 minutes for four hours. Interesting result: my blood sugar was normal, but I became so weak that I had to lie down. I recovered when I had another sugar shot. He didn't have any medicine that he could recommend for my condition.

What I now understand is that my insulin system over-reacts to (even) small changes in blood sugar, and floods my body with insulin when I eat enough carbs -- especially simple (high-glycemia) carbs. Even worse, my body then wants more and more carbs to offset this insulin -- setting up a downward sprial.

On the other hand, following a low carb diet keeps my blood sugar stable, and I don't have these negative responses.
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