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jc       scmedic330@yahoo.com 5-29-2002 1:15 PM
I've been on induction for 3 weeks..my strips are dark purple but i'm gaining weight..i'm actually getting fatter! i use a program to enter all i eat and it tracks my carbs...I know I'm doing it right. I lost 45 lbs on this diet before with no problem. i quit smoking in feb and gained it back. i've been on diuretics for 2 yrs for hypertension and i quit taking them 3 weeks ago. So what is the problem here? I AM GAINING WEIGHT ON THIS DIET!
Ruth       information@locarbdiner.com 6-9-2002 09:14 AM

Your situation sounds desperate, so I want to refer you to the Atkins Center for some heavy-duty answers, www.atkinscenter.com. You can use their seach utility to access numerous articles and FAQs. For example, just type in "ketosis" and you'll get several pages of listings. You can also call the Atkins Center at 1-800-2-ATKINS.

If you think you are "insulin resistent" I would like to recommend the Turbo Protein Diet. You can read about the protein powder, Almased, on our website. I purchased the protein powder, Almased, and lost 11 lbs. in two weeks and have maintained this weight loss. The two weeks on Almased actually "reset" my metabolism. I will soon be going on the fast again to reach my goal.

Another idea to think about is the concept of "hidden carbs." Sometimes carbs can creep into our diet without us being aware of how quickly a few miscellaneous carbs can add up to more than the induction limit. We included an article on hidden carbs in our May, 2002, newsletter. You can find it under the "News Stand" on our website.

Please note that many of the "low carb" products that we carry are more suitable for the Maintenance Phase instead of the Induction Phase because they may have a few carbs each. A few carbs here and there can add up very quickly to too many for induction.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. Let us know how you are doing. Good luck!
Cheryl       lija_lew@hotmail.com 7-8-2002 3:04 PM
I read in the Atkins book that this WOE is not for people taking water pills for some reason.

Just something to think about.
Marilyn       mhollow4@bellsouth.net 8-10-2002 11:59 AM
Well I am on water pills so is this a waste of my time do you think????? I have been on Atkins for about 4 weeks and only lost 4 pounds!!! I do drink coffee and chew sugarless gum....is this my problem or is it the water pills. Thanks
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