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Larry       r1126@speedlink.net 3-24-2003 5:17 PM
I am a diabetic who needs help finding an afternoon and evening snack. I have a
tenency to have low sugar in mid-afternoon and around 10;00 PM. I do want want to have something with high sugar only-I probably need something with high carbs that will turn to sugar quick but then get absorbed. Anyone with ideas???
marie       marieblissett@aol.com 4-10-2003 6:18 PM
Try jello either sugar free with splenda and then put cool whip on it. good luck
missy       11-13-2005 4:53 PM
try www.pancreastonic.com or ask in diabetic newsgroups for advice
fra       just4fransfun@verizon.net 9-10-2006 7:01 PM
A good filling snack is one rice cake with two tablespoons of Skippy Creamy Peanut butter and two or three ounces of cut up banana. Rice Cake 6 carbs peanut butter 7 carbs bannana 4 carbs per ounce. total carbs 21-25 carbs total This will keep you feeling full for 3 to four hours. I am type two diabetic
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