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hopekj       Gladodils@wmconnect.com 7-15-2003 12:04 PM
I have only been on the atkins diet one week I have only eaten fish, meat, cheese and eggs.
I bought the tapes and the ketosis strips. I am still testing negative.
I have not lost weight and have increased inches by one.
I am trying very hard, don't have money to buy pills.
I am about 70 pounds over weight and only 5'0"
Sue       7-22-2003 3:33 PM
Where are your veggies? You're supposed to eat 20 grams of veggie carbs for the first two weeks.
EwerKidn       EwerKidN@aol.com 7-23-2003 9:41 PM
You are only supposed to have 3 oz of cheese per day, too. I generally have a cup of salad at lunch, and either two cups of salad, or one cup of salad and one cup of permitted cooked vegetables with dinner. You must use a cup measure for your carbs until you can comforably estimate the quantity to make up a cup. Have faith, have patience... follow it, and it will come. Drink water, too, not diet sodas, for the first two weeks Good luck.
Lore       babyji2000@aol.com 9-14-2003 02:39 AM
you definetely have to count carbs 20 for the first 15days and eat alot of green leafy veggies and like a gallon of water per day my husban and I did it he has lost more weight than me but I cheat once in a while he did great you will too just beleive in yourself !
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