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jo       bumpiejo@aol.com 7-27-2003 12:04 PM
I can't find Atkins Ice Cream anywhere near me I live south New Jersey
Trish       8-3-2003 5:02 PM
They have it atthe Safeay by me in MD. Do you guys have Safeway?
Trish       8-3-2003 5:03 PM
They have it at the Safeway by me in MD. Do you guys have Safeway?
need2lose       ClassyCreation4u@aol.com 8-19-2003 1:15 PM
Go to the atkins site and it will tell you what stores in your area carry it. I'm in Calif. so albertson, safeway and a few others .
Julie       TheJewelle@aol.com 8-21-2003 6:53 PM
Trader Joe's in California also carries it.
Starrrfire       Starrrfire6@yahoo.com 8-30-2003 3:50 PM
In Sterling, Virginia: Giant Food in the Countryside Shopping Center has the Vanilla. Which is YUMMY!(Prefer the vanilla to the chocolate.) And I'm a confirmed chocoholic! The health food store in the Cedar Lakes Shopping Center (on Rt. 7), has it and some other low carb items, too. The Safeway store in the shopping center off of Sterling Blvd., has it too.
marion       marionyarger@hotmail.com 3-6-2004 9:46 PM
Weiss Supermarkets sell low carb icecream, low carb cocholate milk. They also have signs on all thier products that are low in carbs. This store makes it very easy to shop for most everything low carb.
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