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Crysc       crysc@richmond.com 3-1-2005 1:32 PM
Hello I am new to these boards. I was wondering if anyone here knows how Yougart effects diabetes or if it does. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,
russell       11-13-2005 5:21 PM
yogurt has lots of sugar.28 to 35 grams sugar in flavored or fruit at bottom ones.even plain yogurt has alot ~ 12 grams. due to milk sugars. lowest sugar yogurt is plain goats milk kind 7 grams sugar.goat milk is better for you than cow milk. if you can handle that amount of sugar. if you eat it for beneficial good friendly bacteria for your gut flora, you can them in a pill or liquid without any sugar in health food store bio k plus,jarrow,natrins healthy trinity etc. i love yogurt myself but its a sugar rush and if your diabetic its a real heavy sugar load.look in helth food store i drink a soy milk thats zero sugar 'soy power' if they put out a yogurt it would be 0 gram sugars.read the labels for least amount of sugar.
Ruth Chase       rchase13650@hotmail.com 5-22-2007 08:51 AM
My little great granddaughter eats a lot of yogurt. She has a problem with constipation. She is 14 months old and absolutely loves her yogurt. Can yogurt cause this sort of a problem?

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