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Jeanne       plumrich2@aol.com 9-19-2002 5:35 PM
At Cosco found some diet drinks called Diet Ice Botanicals. They have no calories, no carbs and one case has four fruit flavors (non-carbonated too and sweetened with Splenda). They are supplemented with Vit. C and various herbs. They are the next best thing to fruit juice - I am hooked!!! The only negative is that I have only found them at Cosco.
Teri       TeriGeeBee@aol.com 2-20-2003 2:07 PM
Are you on the West Coast? My sister gets these in California, but I have not found them in the Costcos in the Washington,DC area.
Carole       sweet.pea15@comcast.net 7-10-2003 10:07 PM
I have found in the Washington D.C. area a drink that is called Fruit2O. It also has no carbs, calories, and Splenda and has a fruit flavor. They can be found in the Safeway stores and I understand Wal-Mart is suppossed to start carrying them.
Charlotte       Charlif761@yahoo.com 3-30-2004 10:37 PM
If you are out shopping, you can also find these in the snackbar of many Target stores...i imagine they may also sell them. I got one just today in Columbia, SC.
sueb       11-11-2004 1:18 PM
i agree , fruit 2 o is really great. it has a super flavor and beats plain water hands down. try the fruit 2 o plus.
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