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meritt       meritt@ivillage.com 7-1-2002 1:07 PM
Hi - I'm just lurking around the internet today trying to find an answer to my Low-Carb question - but since I haven't, I thought I would jump in here and post it.

Do any of you know......

I don't need to lose any major weight (maybe 10 lbs. might be nice). But I would love to occasionally do the "Induction" phase of low carbing to get all the sugar out of my system and 'detox' so to speak. I did this about 1 1/2 months ago - and I love the way I felt (energy - no heartburn - no aches and pains, etc.)

I'm doing the 2 week "no sugar and under 20 carbs" again, this time with my husband (!!!!) but I'm concerned.

I'm afraid I might be messing up my metabolism some how? That after I go off and I go back to eating 'normal' I'll be prone to gain weight or mess up my system somehow.

I eat rather 'healthy' already. I love vegetables! I'm not a slave to sweets and I don't like chocolate, nor do I eat things like potatoe chips, etc. (But I do like fruits, crackers, bread, tortillas, etc. so I'm not ready to give those up, nor birthday cake, etc. )

**** Has anyone else done low-carb every few months to 'detox' their body of sugars, etc. but not made it a life-long eating plan? *****

Thank you so much for allowing me to ask my question...
Ruth       information@locarbdiner.com 7-9-2002 11:08 PM
Going back to potatoes, rice, bread, nootdles, etc. will put the weight back on. You have to count carbs. Eating protein, fat and complex carbohydrates (non starchy veggies and salads) is healthy, will give you energy and will keep you in maintenance.

Any diet, be it Weight Watchers or Atkins, is often seen as a failure when people go back to eating the way they did before weight loss. It is important to look at low carb eating as a lifestyle. Low carb eating gives you a lot of control over your life...and a lot of flexibility.

coffeegal       9-3-2002 2:01 PM
just imagine how good you would feel all the time if you followed the lifetime maintenance plan of atkins? that would allow for an occasional piece of birthday cake, i'm sure. i think you'd be wiser to try to advance your carbs that way than just using induction as a "detox" program. if you already eat healthfully, i don't see the lifetime maintenance phase as too much of a problem.
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