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Carla       cjacobs@iwon.com 3-8-2003 5:02 PM
Has anyone had luck in getting any type of carb counts from Applebee's or Denny's? They have a low fat nutrition count but not low carb. At Applebee's, we were told to contact the corporate office, we did, left a message 3 weeks ago and so far, zilch. The manager was even on the Atkins diet but had never been able to get a nutrition count with carbs and fiber.Do you know any website taht might have these carb counts. I have been doing a search from restuarants with nutrition counts but no Applebees or Denny's. Any help would be appreciated.

Carla in Washington
Rosemary       rosie28681@conninc.com 1-2-2004 07:38 AM
Here is a guide to Denny's. I know it's been a while since you ask for this but someone else may be looking also.


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