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Gail       davismagss@bellsouth.net 8-31-2004 2:25 PM
I am so confused. We have been eating Dreamfields pasta because they only have 5 grams of carbs. I just noticed on the box it says 5 grams net digestible carbs. I looked up the nutrition facts and after my deductions, there is 38 grams of net carbs ! What gives ? should I be eating this ?
Dionne       ellisdm@comcast.net 9-5-2004 1:57 PM
Net carbs are the total carbs minus the fiber, sugar alcohols. There may be more, check the Atkins site, it should explain "net carbs" (I believe that they were the ones who started that term).
The fiber and sugar alcohols are not digestible, so they have no impact on your blood sugar. As to that particular brand, I don't know. Just go to Atkins.com and do the research, then go back to your pasta and utilize your new info to see if they are correct.
lynne       1310sunam@comcast.net 8-12-2006 6:33 PM
My recent research tells people to NOT count on no carb in fiber or sugar alcohols as it IS absorbed to a greater or lesser extent by many people. I have stopped depending on no carb fiber etc and I am now losing fat very well as compared to earlier methods. I think they are right.
fran       just4fransfun@verizon.net 9-10-2006 6:45 PM
I was told by a diabetic nurse not to eat foods that say net carbs. Just a way to sell more products, I count carbs not net carbs.
fran       just4fransfun@verizon.net 9-11-2006 2:33 PM
Do not let net carbs fool you. You will be eating a whole lot more carbs then you think you are eating.
Tom DiCosimo       tommycosmo@comcast.net 2-26-2008 6:46 PM
Gail, I believe you are right! I am on a low carb diet and I also was fooled by Dreamfields ( 5 digestible carbs) advertisement. It is a play on words. I was eating Dreamfields pasta and immediately began to gain weight. I do not eat it anymore.
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