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Debbie       debrascaletta@aol.com 5-20-2003 11:57 AM
I am trying to get started on this no carb/low carb diet that everyone is losing weight on, but I am having a really hard time finding things I can eat. I am a carbohydrate junkie. I eat yogurt and granola bars for lunch, breakfast bars for breakfast and bread, bagels and fat-free chips. I am not overwieght by more than a few pounds, but I am always tired - from too many carbs. Gummy bears and hot tamales are another favorite. What can I eat? Yesterday I picked up a grilled chicken sandwich from McDonalds and tossed the bread out. I had roasted chicken for dinner and a tomato with fresh mozarella. I think those were all okay. Today I am starved!!!! Help!!! I want a list of foods I can eat that I can buy at a grocery store. Not expensive items I can only find online. Any ideas are welcome. Fast...before I go eat carbs!!!
Cyn       2-17-2007 3:51 PM
Mission Tortillas (available at Kroger) produces a line of low carb tortillas that are quite versatile--they make great fajitas, rollups, and soft tacos. I've also used them as the base for thin-crust pizza. You can also pan grill them with a touch of butter, a pinch of stevia or xylitol, and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon for a sweet treat. And for guiltless low carb pasta, NOTHING beats Dreamfields brand--it comes as macaroni, spagetti, linguine, and lasagne--and it has only 5 gram net carbs per two ounce (dry weight) serving. Hope this helps.
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