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Debspix       covtocov@hom.net 2-18-2002 08:54 AM
I am a borderline diabetic, on the low-carb diet, my sugar tests are normal during the day; but while I'm asleep at night, they escalate to a staggering 170 by morning. Any advice?
Nina       information@locarbdiner.com 2-21-2002 8:53 PM

I don't know the answer to your question, but I can refer you to someone who might -- the Atkins Center! Go to www.atkinscenter.com and find the FAQ section (or paste this address into your browser: http://atkinscenter.com/dev/help/faqs/index.html

From there you can access numerous articles about diabetes that may have your answers. You can also send in your question, and you may get a helpful reply by return email. Finally, you can arrange for a telephone consultation with one of their doctors (for a fee.)

Maybe someone else who is diabetic can respond here with their own experiences.

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