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Karen       krittersklw@Yahoo 2-7-2003 5:09 PM
Has anyone found a "legal" meatloaf recipe? My family is really missing meatloaf, but I used to make mine with corn and barbque sauce and ketchup.
Rebecca       rebecca.friedman@pfizer.com 4-1-2003 10:32 AM
I make an awesome meatloaf using garlic and peppers instead of the sweet fillers... you can also add a little tomato paste to give it an Italian flavor (and some oregano marjoram basil parsley whatever). Just add a couple more eggs and you won't miss the breadcrumbs, etc. The eggs do the binding!
Val       VNorton@aol.com 2-22-2004 9:55 PM
Concerning Meatloaf.....try grinding up pork rinds! Makes a great binder! Use in place of bread crumbs or crackers. Add other ingredients as normal, but no catsup on the top...unless you use the low carb kind!
samuel dupree       el4wm9@netzero.net 4-26-2005 09:38 AM
Try this and they will love it,go to the
market and pick up a pack or (2)of ground
turkey breast and fix your meatloaf with
slightly tomatoe sauce cook in oven until
meat is no longer red on the inside(you must use a cooking bag.Let stand and cool for about 5-8 minutes and serve. you have the option to use any seasoning you choose,because it is not fatteninig or sweet(light on the sauce though)then serve with what ever sides of veggies of your choice. (Trust me it,s great)
sam       4-26-2005 09:40 AM
samuel dupree       el4 wm9@netzero.net 4-26-2005 09:46 AM
hopefully i can get a response from someone real soon.

I need to know is there anything out there that a person can eat for Breakfast that is low in Carbs.I am a borderline diabetic
and if i eat just the turkey sausage i have no problem with my sugar level,but lord knows i think i,am going to grow wings if i can,t find something else to eat. so if i can get a low carb receipe other than turkey,this would be great.and to all borderlines,please don,t try grits or cereal or milks, if you do you are in trouble.
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