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Heather       hmarceau@cogeco.ca 1-24-2003 5:17 PM
Tried the Keto Low Carb Pasta - echh!!!

I couldn't get past the first mouthful. I scraped it into the dog's dish and even he wouldn't eat it.

Any passable "LC" pastas out there - or is that too much to hope for?
beachgirl       tbias@firstam.com 9-30-2003 4:13 PM
I totally agree - I made that mistake also. Still waiting on something good to come about.
Linda       CCJ9823@aol.com 7-20-2005 10:05 PM
Have you tried DREAM FIELDS pasta. It is wonderful Exactly like REAL pasta. It only has 6 digestible carbs per serving. Yippee
Bob       tubabob@yahoo.com 6-1-2006 09:19 AM
Dreamfields pasta is great - tastes just like the regular high carb pasta - and it's available at Safeways (at least in Metrio DC)
Gwilda       mmandme@peoplepc.com 10-15-2006 2:56 PM
Just tried the shirataki noodles! Not bad at all!
I folowed the directions, drain and rinced, then par-boiled for 3 minutes. Made plain old tuna noodle cassarole, and it was FINE!
Gordon Morrison       Gord.BHF@ns.aliantzinc.ca 1-24-2007 06:36 AM
We live in eastern Canada and are looking for a source for Dream Fields Pasta
Janis       janispace@hotmail.com 7-6-2007 2:44 PM
Dreamfields rocks,they even have lasagna noodles now!!!!!I get it on line or Food Lion in Greensboro,NC.I make great mac and cheese with the elbow noodles.Use Bella Vita pasta sauce for your Italian dishes or Walden Farms Bruscetta,good stuff finally!!!!!
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