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DeliMan       xxxx@xxx.xxx 1-27-2002 00:08 AM
Anybody got the carb counts on the different light beers?
Nina       information@locarbdiner.com 2-2-2002 08:53 AM
Here's a few:

Miller Lite comes in first at 3.2g per 12oz. bottle. Miller's new light beer, "Milwaukee's Best Light," is second at 3.5g.

Coors Light, Corona Light, and Amstel Light tie for third place at 5g per 12 oz.

Honorable Mentions go to Becks Light at 6.1g, Bud Light and Yuengling Light at 6.6g, and Bush Light at 6.7g.

The loser is Michelob Light at a shocking 11.7g per 12oz. bottle!
Nina       information@locarbdiner.com 5-29-2002 09:00 AM
You won't believe this! At a local pub, we were recently given some of those cardboard coasters with a beer advertisement on them. The coaster says "Low Carb Light Beer" and the picture of the beer bottle says "Low Carbohydrate" in big letters right across the front label! What is the beer? It is the new Michelob Ultra, reporting 2.9g carbs. Somebody at Michelob must have noticed that their other light beer was the "loser" in the low-carb world, so now they have gone to the other extreme. At 2.9g, Michelob Ultra is now the winner! Who would have thought that a beer company would be one of the first mainstream companies to recognize the low carb market!
Coffeegal       wfc454@aol.com 9-3-2002 1:57 PM
my sister lives in tampa, florida and told me that there is a new beer by michelob called "ultra light" which has 2.9 gms per 12 oz. i haven't personally seen it or tried it though.
Trudy       mcclureoz13@aol.com 2-23-2003 08:46 AM
I have tried the new michelob ultra, and the taste is good, if you need a beer this is a good one to try, but stay to a minimum, the carb's will add up.
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