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Susan       manorite@westol.com 9-5-2002 3:12 PM
When I don't have time to eat or I'm out with the kids and we're in between baseball games, I eat what's called an Ostrim stick.

I like the Teriyaki flavor. They don't need refrigerated, the kids love them and their very low in fat. Only 80 calories and I'm full.

I buy them direct from the company and split a case with the women at work.

Nathan Manning       9-10-2002 08:28 AM
You are so dumb! High protein diets damage your body more than they benefit.People can have major kidney problems because kidneys have a hard time eliminating urea (a by-product of high protein metabolism). You can also have heart problems and high protein fatty diets can be linked to strokes.... you are stupid.
Laura       All4MyGood@aol.com 9-10-2002 09:35 AM
Why is Nathan telling people that they are stupid for choosing to eat what they want to eat. I think that posting snack ideas is a wonderful idea a great help to someone who is struggling with their weight.
KIm       9-10-2002 10:13 AM
Apparently Nathan has not read the newest report from Harvard Medical School. They did a study and found low carb (within reason) to be a healthy lifestyle. You can read the article on line in the New York Times.
Sammy D       samd@gmia-inc.com 9-29-2002 10:16 PM
I have to agree with you guys, Nathan Manning, an idiot in his own time, is very wrong. Keep up the good work & keep on losing the pounds !!!!! Go low carb !!
Ruth       information@locarbdiner.com 10-1-2002 08:20 AM
Poor Nathan! He is obviously misinformed. People who put down "low carb diets" usually don't know anything about them and are obviously not ready to make any changes in their health situation.

Low carb has cleared up my acid reflux disease (I am off of all medications and their side effects) and IBS.

My brother told me last week that I was going to get really, really sick on Atkins. He has the reflux, not I!

He thought that all I ate was meat. He was surprised that vegetables and salad were allowed. He also made himself look misinformed (i.e., stupid).
Deanie       DMpate2@aol.com 10-7-2002 09:29 AM
Nathan ... please read "The Schwarzbein Principle" and then tell me if you think carb conscious diets are stupid. If you are going to make a value judgment, it is better to be well informed.
pat       i97husky@aol.com 10-19-2002 5:42 PM
Another good snake for chocolate lovers is Dlite chocolates- They have milk, dark, mint and almond all will 2-3 carbs a bar
missy       melissa.com 10-24-2002 10:01 AM
Who wants to bet that Nathan doesn't even have a weight problem! I feel a heck of a lot better when I don't eat junk with sugar in it. I think this is the way we were intended to eat. I don't recall the Bible saying In the beginning God created man and Krispy Kreme Donuts. He created animals to eat and vegetables.
Lou       lou41955@aol.com 11-5-2002 1:33 PM
I began watching my carbs by basicaly eliminating all the dough products. Bread,cake,muffins,pasta, rice etc.
In the past month I lost about 10 lbs but I feel as though I lost 50. The fat just melted away from my body. My clothes fit much better, I have more energy, and my blood sugar is under control. I now am not on a 100% NO CARB diet but I do watch my consumption of Carbs.
By calling this a life style change rather than I diet I think it will last.
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