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sandi       sandikastner@cox.net 7-11-2003 05:13 AM
Just wanted to share that I was getting migraine headaches every 8 days or so for over a year and was taking a strong prescribed medication. Since starting the Atkins diet about 7 weeks ago I have not had a migraine headache. I also had alot of problems with bloating and gas - this too has disappeared. I am eating foods I would never have touched before with no problem. I'm not sure what I cut out that made it happen but I thank God for bringing this diet, no eating program, to me.
Monica Lopez       i_love_puppy@msn.com 12-18-2003 9:13 PM
I'm glad that diet is going good for you,I too get headaches every day. I'm going to try it too to see if
I also get lucky like you.


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