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Christina Duran       MrsDuran01@aol.com 1-12-2003 4:42 PM
When counting carbs do you subtract the fiber grams and the number left becomes your actual carb grams? What about products that have Malitol or Sugar alcohols, do you subtract those carbs too to get your net carbs?
Nicki       NLK1972@yahoo.com 3-25-2003 4:33 PM
You're right on the money! You subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols to get the net carbs. I did hear somewhere that the sugar alcohols can still stall your weight loss. Anyone out there know if this is true?
Olive       7-6-2003 12:35 PM
You can read about the difference between carbs and net carbs at the Atkins Center site. The fiber carbs can be subtracted but I disagree with the prior advice on the alcohol sugars.
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