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Anne       annehsus@Yahoo.com 2-18-2002 6:22 PM
At last, that wonderful FlaxOMeal - breakfast cereal just the way I like it! Hot, quick, and sticks to my carb-intolerant ribs even until late lunch!! This is a revelation. I have tried the cinnamon spice - am about to try some other flavors. Because it is really hard for me to lose, I am watching portions, and even 1/3 cup of this stuff ("normal serving" is 1/2 cup) holds me most of the day. Thanks for the suggestion, Ruth!
LindaJ       4-5-2002 1:05 PM
I agree ... I tried the butter pecan and it was yummy! Plus you get 10 grams of fiber. Great stuff!
paige       paigesessa@aol.com 11-20-2002 03:57 AM
I am overjoyed at being able to eat granola again! The flaxomeal cinnamon granola is delicious.
marie       marieblissett@aol.com 3-31-2003 6:03 PM
where did ya'll get these from?
LJ       ljherman@tcusd.net 7-19-2005 12:03 PM
On what phase of the diet can you start the flaxomeal?
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