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Jeff       jro91@hotmail.com 9-15-2002 08:06 AM
Does anyone know any pills that may help block thoses excess carbs away- that really work? Especially for a woman? My fiance is trying to drop about 30lbs for our wedding in 8 months. We tried trim spa, (becasue I listen to Howard Stern) and it did nothing. She lost 8 lbs but then gained 6 back in a month. She probably eats about 80 carbs a day, but it trying to cut those down. Her worst time is the morning..she finds herself grabbing a cookie istead of bacon or eggs -which she hates. I have lost 30lbs on this diet and want to lose another 30. I have much more will power than she does becasue I have seen results. I feel if she saw the results I did she would have much more will power to try. We have order bread and pastas from your website and also others. Even some candy. Our shipment should be here any day. HELP does anyone know of pills that may help her drop a few extra carbs out of her diet along with some pounds.
karin       karinclown@triad.rr.com 11-12-2002 07:17 AM
hello. i know it's been a while since you posted your question, but i do have some suggestions for your bride... she can take acidopholus pills daily and apple cider vinegar pills - these act as a toxic cleanse and DO help with the carb cravings... the acidopholus is a yeast cleanse - years of eating breads and pastas have created a yeast build up that keep us wanting more. if she really wants to lose the weight she will have to lay off the carbs ! i tried the carb blockers and have concluded that they are not worth it except in the instance of eating very small amounts of carbs-not the 100 grams they say it blocks. i have concluded that there are no "shortcuts" . also try chromium picolinate for an energy boost. good luck and congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals !
mikey z       zaf88@hotmail.com 5-5-2004 12:39 PM
i did a little experiment on myself and i think that these carb cutters work. i was in ketosis and verified the level on my ketostixs(i was on the first purple i believe its 80). I then ate around a 4" by 6" by 6" triangle of choc cake. i analyzed my urine after and as suspected i was not in ketosis. 2 weeks later i was back up to the same level on my keto sticks and had bought the carb cutter pills and decided to take the pills and then eat an exact slcie of the same cake that was still in my fridge. after eating the cake i again monitored my urine and much to my suprise i dropped only one level on the ketostick color board. to me this means that the pills def did something. In any event i really would love to have scientific evidence on this matter and with the popularity and billions of dollars to be made on a product like this im suprised that more studies havent been done. i would love to hear from other peopl. drop me an email, i dont check this board that often.
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