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Morris Bembry       mscmab@aol.com 8-27-2002 6:49 PM
Has anyone had ANY success with carb blockers? Do they cause one to remain in ketosis? Why hasn't Dr. Atkins weighed in on the suppliments?

karin       karinclown@triad.rr.com 10-11-2002 10:56 AM
hey - i ordered carb blockers last week and anxiously await their arrival... have you tried them since your post? I will let you know as soon as i know if they work! I am hopeful... i can stay on atkins diet as far as the food goes, but i like to drink beer and wine ocassionally and this has been the hardest part of the diet. i'm hoping the carb blockers will allow for a few drinks and also take care of those few carbs i consume with food. i've done this diet before about 12 years ago and found rapid success by keeping my intake limited to 5- 10 grams / crabs/ day, rather than the 20 + now recommended in the plan. i could've sworn the plan at that time said 0 grams first week, then add 5 each week for 4 weeks, and then pick the week that seemed to work best to reach ultimate goal. maybe i'm wrong, but methinks the dr. changed the program since i read the original book.
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