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Nise       winlsowde@missouri.edu 4-16-2003 3:25 PM
I can't seem to get off the coffee in the mornings but have also noticed that I have stalled out for about two weeks now. I know Atkins says decaf and if all else fails I will just get off caffeine if I know that is my problem. I started Atkins in February and have lost 25lbs. Has anyone else had any problems with weight loss in conjunction with caffeine?
murph       5-21-2003 04:00 AM
I drink decaf mostly, but one cup of caffine coffee will not effect your weight loss. However, watch the artifical creamers and sweetners. Use Splenda if you must.
Olive       7-6-2003 12:59 PM
I switched from drinking coffee to drinking green tea. It has great antioxidant properties and comes in caff and decaf. Remember than half n half is not the same as heavy cream, the latter is okay to use.
Julie       TheJewelle@aol.com 8-21-2003 6:43 PM
I've done Atkins year ago but now I'm Somersizing (Suzanne Somers' low carb way of life) and have lost 60 pounds and kept it off for a year and a half ... I'm 10 lbs from my goal! I start the day with a fruit smoothie or piece of fruit - it prevents the constipation I got from Atkins and one apple will give you more of a boost than a cup of coffee. Give it a try .. it works!!
Chris       ctr6980@gmail.com 10-18-2004 10:43 AM
I'm a big tea drinker ~ not those "health"-type teas, just regular old orange-pekoe. I am on caffinated ~ I know it's still caffeine, but it's less than what is in coffee, and it does have redeeming qualities as far as your health!
lowCARBS4life.com       questions@lowCARBS4life.com 10-23-2004 4:34 PM
In colorado they have zero net carb bread
russell       11-13-2005 5:07 PM
if you drink coffee to give you a lift i have something better. try emer gen c vitamin in comes in tear open packet you put into water, juice or whatever it fizzes disolves comes in flavors it will give you energy and wire you up like diet pill.buy at health food stores or trader joe's real cheap by the box $8. its b vitamins and c in special electrolyte balance. chuck norris drinks them everday.it cleans your ateries out if clogged and reduces cholesterol.ask the mfg for info flyers.this producthas been around since health nuts started out.can't hurt you it's good for you.check it out. all my buddies drink it at work in their coffee for energy.good for hangovers too.it will give you an energy buzz dont drink before bed you wont sleep all night. also in health food stores they sell coffee substitutes pero,caffix etc better for you. coffee gives sour stomach and jangles nerves it constricts your blood vessels causing a rise in blood pressure thats what gives you the awake feeling with coffee.bad for your health.try nips coffee candy and drink decaf.good luck
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