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Boauffer       boauffer@bright.net 8-17-2003 9:05 PM
I bought an adkins advantage bar . It
said on front of the package that it had 2 carb. in it. I looked on the back of wrapper and it says 21g
How can they advertise it for 2 net carbs.?? I dont understand...
Georgia       impersona@aol.com 8-18-2003 2:12 PM
When counting carbs, you subtract fiber and sugar alcohol from the total because these carbs are not digested and do not have an impact on weight. So if something is 12 total carbs, and has 6 grams of fiber - the net carbs are 6, not 12.
Michelle       mcharkao@foleyhoag.com 3-4-2004 2:30 PM
I tried a cookies and cream AdvantEdge bar and threw it out! It was disgusting! Carbo-o-rite and Think Thin bars taste much better. I only use them in emergency, though. I'm trying to eat whole, natural foods.
LilaB       lilab@mac.com 3-27-2004 3:54 PM
I've tried several of the Atkins Advantage bars... they all were awful. Chewy, yes.... tasty--no.

Not worth spending the grams of carbohydrate on, IMHO. I'd rather have something like a Ross dark chocolate bar that has ONE gram of carb, and is real chocolate.
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