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Donna       bobdon82@netzero,net 6-7-2003 8:01 PM
I am having a struggle to get this last 10 pounds off and I seem to have hit a extremely long plateau. I was wondering has anyone tried this turbo plan Almased? It is suppose to be for those who become Insulin resistant I think?
I need help and am getting frustrated so I want to give this a try... What do you think?
Carole       sweet.pea15@comcast.net 7-10-2003 10:12 PM
I too am having a probklem trying to lose my last 10 pounds. I noticed there are some supplements available. Has anyone tried any of these that DO WORK!
Jeanne       jpinnon@genam.com 8-22-2003 1:06 PM
After losing only about 6 pounds on Atkins and then hitting a major plateau (I have about 40lbs to lose), I tried Almased and it has really helped. I couldn't do the complete fast, but I drink Almased for breakfast and lunch and then have a low carb dinner. I have not found it too hard to do and although weight loss has been slow, I am dropping a steady 1-2 pounds per week. That is without exercising - I'm sure it will improve even more when I begin working out. I don't know if I am insulin resistant or if my body just needed less fat than I was consuming on Atkins alone, but I feel like I have finally found what works for me. Good luck to you!
beachgirl       tbias@firstam.com 9-30-2003 4:03 PM
Exercise is the key - if you hit a plateau - add some extra and different exercise routine and you'll see a difference.
Liz       DiztheLiz@aol.com 4-28-2004 05:36 AM
I heard an interesting tidbit...try sneaking a little hot sauce into some of your daily food products! This will raise your metabolisim to begin burning more calories...and remember to excercise! Lean muscle burns more and raises metabolism!
Heather       eris8656@hotmail.com 7-13-2004 2:32 PM
HI, I was on the Almased TurboDiet Program it was really hard for me because I got ton's of cravings but I did lose weight and I kept most of it off except for 5 pounds witch was water weight. The shakes don't taste the best but the are filling. If you can stick to something hard than this is worth it!
Ruth       9-10-2004 12:25 PM
Hi! Almased was the only thing that worked for me. I had lost only 12 lbs. on low carb in a year. I was devastated. 2 weeks on the Almased fast...I lost 11 pounds and reset my metabolism. Now even when I gain weight, I am able to lose it again. This didn't happen before Almased.
Heather       eris8656@hotmail.com 7-20-2006 1:40 PM
Almased is one of the nastiest tasting diet shakes out their, but they work! I have done the turbo diet about three times and each time I lost about 15 pounds and it stayed off, I did cheat a little during the turbo diet and ate carrots and wheat crackers. I kept the weight off for a long time until I stopped working out and ate chocolate shakes every day for about three months. But if you do the smart thing after you get of the shakes and eat reasonably healthy you will lose weight and keep it off.
neli       musicplay123@msn.com 11-24-2007 11:50 AM
Those of you who did Almased turbo diet...did you feel fittery at all or cause any insomnia...i find that people that are sensitive to phenynaline which is an amino acid can cause anxiety or even panic attacks...i tried another amino acid shake before and caused me to have panic attacks, anxious feelings after 1 week of usage...please reply
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